Ocean City Community History

History of the Ocean City Community

Seventy years ago, something quite eventful happened on Topsail Island.  A few wise men and women envisioned the establishment of a special community inhabited with a special group of people in a very special place.  Thus, the Ocean City Community was founded in 1949, as the only place African Americans could purchase coastal property in North Carolina, 15 years before the Civil Rights Act.  Today we are the caretakers, and the trustees, of their hope.

With the passing of time, Ocean City has become even more special, unique and rare.  So we come together to celebrate in the faith of the founding elders, less we forget.

We look forward to this landmark occasion, and we intend to enjoy the moment in remembrance of those foreseers of the past and the caretakers of today.

On this 70 th Anniversary, let us enjoy this moment in time with clear expression of caring for our neighbors and visitors.

For through our celebration, we are honoring the founding visionaries and a cause, which give meaning and substance to our celebrate spirit. – L. Hardison


Our Mission Statement


To preserve the history and improve the physical, social and economic health of the Ocean City community, support community self-reliance and enhance the quality of life for the residents through community-based problem solving, community-oriented services and public/private cooperation.